Hong Kong's Unique Diamonds and Diamond Rings

The Hattons Promise

If romance were a flower, it would be a rose; if it were a gemstone, surely it would be a diamond.

Available in Hong Kong for the first time.Diamonds straight from the source.
We promise pure extravagance without extravagant price tags, and with complete transparency.

At Hattons, we bring transparency and clarity to
both our pricing and the purchasing process.

Here is our promise:

You have purchased a high
quality diamond straight from
the source, at a price well
below retail.
Your Hattons diamond is GIA
certified and brought to you from
a selection curated by our
experts. It has been cut and
polished to exacting standards.
Your Hattons diamond is
sourced ethically in
compliance with the Kimberley

Diamonds & Diamond Rings in Hong Kong

At Hattons, we stand by the following commitments to our clients:
Transparent &
Best Possible Pricing
Thoughtful & Customized
Shopping Experience
Hattons is committed to offering unbeatable prices, and we tell you how this is possible. We also give you an indication of our price difference against well-known industry benchmarks. A thoughtfully designed online boutique that lets you compare and choose diamonds using GIA grading scales, with consultants offering expert advice.

Money-Back Guarantee on Loose
We cover as many topics as possible on diamond selection, including the things that you need to watch out for, so that you can make an informed purchase decision. We stand by our commitment to providing the highest quality diamonds at unbeatable prices. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase while inspecting the diamond on collection, you may apply the amount paid towards another diamond, or get a full refund of the amount paid.

Inspection &
Collection of Diamonds in Hong Kong
You have the option of inspecting your Hattons diamond when you pick it up from our collection centre, giving you the opportunity to verify that the characteristics of the purchased diamond match those specified in its GIA certificate.